Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Genealogy update

Posted some musings this week over at Oh, Spusch, and I've started a subject-a-day language blog called Glossology at tumblr for Welsh, Danish, and German, with more to come if I actually manage to learn something out of it, particularly languages relevant to my genealogy search. There are two more things that I'm probably going to post over at Oh, Spusch, but given that it's 7:30, they'll probably wait until tomorrow, one about Genealogy software, and one about brick walls.

ETA: My major find today was looking up an address for Leon (and Mindel) Seneft in London based on the address their daughter Jennie gave at Ellis Island. The view of the house is here. I believe their house was the black door. #66 Lucas Street, London.

I've added that and the location of one of the other Seneft children, Jack (found on the back of a photo of my great-grandfather) to a map I'm slowly working up with all the locations I'm finding as I do my research. There's a lot I haven't added in yet, but if people are interested, here's the link.

Follow Friday:
From the Armchair Genealogist: Defining Today's Family, about how today's mixed families are even more confusing than those of the past. I'm not entirely sure I agree, except that these things are out in the open more than they were in the past, that's all.

Genealogy's Star wrote a Testimony against procrastination in genealogy that everyone should take to heart.

Olive Tree Genealogy had a great idea--You Tube & Genealogy--using You Tube (and similar sites) to see your ancestors' home towns.

The JewishGen Blog posted the final installment of the Cycle of Life: Natural Disasters series.

In my Family Tree this week:
Henrick Bergthon Bordewick and Leonharde Marie Bordewich married in Norway on the fourteenth of October, 1887.

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